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This fun, interactive class will be in-person this fall. Each week, Lori will demonstrate or lecture on a different technique and/or subject matter. The remainder of the class will consist of more painting, classwork critiques and/or answering student’s questions about their own works in progress. Students are welcome to work on the subject of the week (provided by the instructor) or work from their own reference photos or still-life setups. A SUPPLY LIST will be sent to registered students, so that they will have time to order supplies online if needed.

This class is intended for those with a familiarity of the pastel medium, or for those who have completed the 3-hour “Jump Start into Pastels” course (offered Thursday evening September 30th at www.lorigollart.com)

To register, go to https://greatfallsart.org/event/pastels/

Continued Explorations in Pastel Class
Continued Explorations in Pastel Class