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Have you always wanted to try painting with soft “chalk” pastels? Have you tried and gotten so frustrated that you quit? I can assure you, you’re not alone. No matter what your skill level, style, favorite medium or subject matter, this in-person class will provide you with important information, instruction and practice painting with sticks of pure pigment. Lori will be demonstrating her technique each week. Students will work from both photographs and life on a variety of subject matter, including landscapes, seascapes, animals, birds, and still life. Students are also welcome to work on any subject matter of their choosing.

The first week we will cover important introductory topics such as differences between pastel brands, various papers, boards, and surfaces, pastel basics (dos and don’ts), studio safety, framing and storing, etc In subsequent weeks we will explore different types of underpainting, blending and layering techniques, different surfaces, different subject matter, etc.

Lori wants students of all levels to feel comfortable, learn new techniques, and have fun in this class! Come and learn how to paint in your own style with the fastest-growing artists’ medium.

Go to https://greatfallsart.org/event/painting-with-pastels/ for more information and to register! Or contact me with any questions :-)

Monday Pastel Class
Wednesday Pastel Class at Great Falls